The Southern Colorado Chapter of IPMA-HR was established in 2002 and furthers the mission of IPMA-HR National at a local and regional level. The objectives of the Southern Colorado Chapter are:

  • Provide a forum for human resources professionals to network and to provide resources for skill development and education.
  • Implement the objectives and program of IPMA-HR within the chapter.
  • Communicate and share new ideas and methodology in human resources.
  • Encourage and facilitate a cooperative relationship between public and private employers within the chapter on personnel issues.

The International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) was established in 1973, through the consolidation of the Public Personnel Association, founded in Chicago in 1906, and the society for Personnel Administration, founded in Washington, DC in 1937. IPMA-HR is a non-profit membership organization for agencies and individuals in the public sector human resources field, and others interested in the Association’s objectives. Over 5,500 members are located in federal, state and local governments throughout the United States and overseas.